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Here at Maths Teacher Hub we are constantly looking for ways to make your time as an educator more efficient.

We have created a bank of resources for all abilities, to allow students to be challenged and stretched. 

Having reliable and up to date content on the board for students to work through, will allow you to work the room and help students with misconceptions.

If students are still unsure, then click new questions and go again..


Over 50 thousand mathematical questions, perfect for displaying on your interactive board.
All questions differentiated to allow students of all abilities to progress.
Integrated irlens filter.


Maths Teacher Hub
Ratio - Sharing - More than, less than
Question uploaded on : 2024-07-19 10:31:56

Maths Teacher Hub
Ratio - Sharing - More than, less than
Question uploaded on : 2024-07-19 10:31:56

Maths Teacher Hub
Ratio - Sharing - More than, less than
Question uploaded on : 2024-07-19 10:31:56

Mr D. Davies
Teacher of Mathematics


Hi, my name is Mr Davies, and I teach high school mathematics in the North West of England.

I decided to create 'Maths Teacher Hub' to allow me to differentiate work in class for students of all abilities.

Having multiple copies of questions available, along with the answers has allowed me to free up time inside and outside of the classroom. I very rarely spend time photocopying worksheets any more, and students can mark their own work.

Starter exercises are a big part of my teaching practice. Building a strong routine at the beginning of every lesson allows students to feel comfortable and confident. 

I really hope you find my content useful, let me know if there is anything you would like me to add via the contact form.


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"Thankyou for this, they have allowed my classes to get in to a routine when entering in the class. "

Mr Lloyd

"The starters have been very effective with my foundation class, they are now feeling very confident with the basic skills topics "

Miss Thompson

"I use the '7,8,9 starters' at the begining of every lesson with my top set Year 11s, they bring up so many talking points! Amazing resource! "

Mr Hoxworth

"These statrters are phenomenal - so useful - particularly at the moment to settle because staff are coming from all over school - really really helps ease that starter planning "


"I'm loving the site! I have used it in pretty much every lesson this year, just whack them on the screen, no printing, then can just click for a new set. PERFECT! "


"I have recently started to use your resources with my students and I have to say they are amazing! I would highly recommend this site. My Year 7 students have been forming and solving to find the perimeter today and your resources were perfect! Happy students - thanks! -   "


"I love using "Maths Teacher Hub". Fabulous website full of useful things. Whenever I need questions on a particularn topic, this is always my first port of call, plus they are differentiated and have answers! Perfect! "

J. Symes

"Loving the new stuff on solving equations and the differentiated sheets. Saved me from photocopying! Brilliant website! "

A. Barnes

"  That's absolutely wonderful. I always use your stuff and they always comment of how well they are structured and easy for them to understand so again, thank you for this. "

B. James